Risk Management

Software, hardware, and people are all possible attack vectors onboard your vessel.  Our risk management services focus on protecting your valuable data from opportunistic and targeted cyber attacks.  We’ll find and mitigate vulnerabilities, develop vessel security policy, and ensure IMO compliance.

Remote Monitoring

A Brig™ installation coupled with our top-tier threat hunting team brings your vessel or shore site a cutting-edge managed detection and response solution.  We’ll monitor your network to prevent data theft no matter where you are in the world, 24/7 x 365.

Crew Training

96% of cyber attacks are directed at vulnerable people.  Our information security training course provides captains and crews with the knowledge and skills necessary to recognize threats, protect data, and maintain vessel security policy.

Vessel Information Security Practitioner (VISP) Course & Certification

Risk Assessment and Mitigation Services

Architecture Review

Improperly configured networks can expose your vessel to a wide range of attack vectors.  Our team ensures logical separation of critical networks such as IT, navigation, engineering, and wireless

Vulnerability Scanning

Systems scanning to identify vulnerabilities which may be used by attackers to gain remote access

VSAT Assessments

Identification of vessel internet-facing attack vectors through misconfigured routers, IoT devices, CCTV systems, web interfaces, and more

Threat Detection and Response

We install, configure, and manage cutting-edge endpoint security platforms to detect and respond to cyber attacks on your network.  When coupled with our remote monitoring service, you get a state-of-the-art security solution

Wi-Fi Penetration Testing

Wireless network assessment and exploitation for device audit, attack surface identification, and change recommendations

Social Engineering Penetration Testing

Crew member trust exploitation carried out by social engineering campaigns consisting of phishing, pretexting, media dropping, and tailgating

Access Control Audit

Audit to assist in the prevention or detection of errors caused by improper use or manipulation of data files, unauthorized or incorrect use of computer programs, and/or improper use of computer resources

USB Port Security

Your vessel is only secure as your most vulnerable connected hardware.  We take necessary measures to prevent  infections on your network from known and rogue devices

Vessel Security Policy & Strategy

Provide comprehensive, tailored documentation for your vessel to address due diligence, operating procedures, and compliance

Remote Cybersecurity Management Packages

*requires an on-site vulnerability assessment
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Resolvn ICS™ Platform

Maintaining navigation systems integrity and the availability of redundancies is essential for safety at sea. This is why we conduct thorough testing of NMEA2000/CAN bus networks, provide recommendations, carryout refits, and install our cutting-edge network monitoring platform.
The Resolvn ICS™ platform, built on the Elastic Stack, learns from your ship’s movement over time. As you navigate the seas, the system records data points of normal activity. Using machine learning algorithms, Resolvn ICS™ predicts what type of data your control systems should be sending and alerts your Captain of abnormal deviations – the system monitors traffic related to GPS, AIS, autopilot, weather systems, SATCOM, charting, engine control systems, fuel management, and more.

We keep you safe.