Meet Our Team

Resolvn Maritime is comprised of experienced security professionals well-versed in attacking, securing, and monitoring critical afloat and shore-based networks. Our unique skillset enables us to provide comprehensive risk management services to all types of vessels.

Sean Donnelly

Founder & CEO

Sean is a passionate cybersecurity researcher with extensive experience in the industry. He holds CISSP, GPEN, and OSCP certifications along with a B.S. and M.S. from the United States Naval Academy and Boston University, respectively. As an active-duty U.S. Navy Cryptologic Warfare Officer, Sean worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) before becoming the Technical Director of the Navy’s largest defensive cybersecurity department. During this time he continuously pushed the analytical boundaries of maritime cybersecurity. Sean has developed various threat detection tools, trained countless service members on detection techniques, and led critical security operations around the world.

Liam Dorney

Chief Operating Officer

Liam is a dedicated cybersecurity leader with a commitment to people, their ideas, and their skills. Having worked for the U.S. Navy and National Security Agency (NSA) he has extensive experience managing cybersecurity and cryptology teams through installation, assessment, certification, and training on marine networks around the world. In his cyber operations and planning roles Liam focused his teams on threat modeling and local safeguarding of networks by integrating the latest industry defensive strategies and critical security controls. Liam currently holds a M.S. in Computer Science – Software Engineering from Naval Postgraduate School along with CEH and Security+ certifications.

Erin Plemons

Lead Security Engineer

Erin is a skillful blue team operator, vulnerability specialist, and cybersecurity engineer. During her active-duty service, she led teams in identifying critical vulnerabilities across the fleet and trained IT personnel on mitigation techniques. Erin has devoted her career to enhancing the cybersecurity posture of DoD infrastructures ranging from shipboard systems to Air Force space and satellite communications. She currently maintains A+, Security+, Linux+, and CHFI certifications.

Winson Tam

Penetration Tester

Winson is an experienced red team and threat emulation operator practiced at simplifying technical findings into actionable business requirements. Between actively participating in red team operations and regularly attending security conferences and advanced training, he has substantial knowledge of modern threats in today’s security climate. Winson is a member of a NSA certified DoD Red Team, performing full-scope network operations assessing U.S. Navy vessels, Program of Record systems, and Joint shore commands globally. He currently holds SEC+, Linux+, LPIC-1, CEH, and GPEN certifications.

Jeremy Iacobucci

Managed Services Engineer

Jeremy is an experienced security design consultant, incident handler, auditor, and instructor. With over 20 years of experience in information systems management, cybersecurity and IT instruction, he has substantial knowledge of the defensive strategies required in the current threat landscape. Jeremy is currently an Assessment Lead performing cyber compliance, blue team, and web application assessments on U.S. Coast Guard vessels, Program of Record systems, shore commands, and data centers. He holds degrees in computer science and intelligence along with CISSP, CISM, GCIH, OSWP, and CCSK certifications.